My name is Stephanie. I'm 20. A Hufflepuff and natural redhead. I'm married to Sean and I live on Oahu.
Doctor Who, Harry Potter and Supernatural are my life, (well besides my husband) Matt Smith is my idol and Misha Collins is my spirit animal. Destiel is beautiful. Harry Potter is my fantasy. I also love WWE. (Randy is my bby, I love the Uso's, love/hate the Shield, and adore Big Show)
Around May I got my first tattoo and now that's all I want to spend money on. I have two so far and I can't wait to get much, much more.
This blog is just a bunch of random shit with my personal life thrown into the mix.
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Currently reading: Christopher Paoalani's Eragon series
My Piece of heaven
a personal fairytale
So I did this… #misha #mishasminions #mishapocalypse

So I did this… #misha #mishasminions #mishapocalypse